How We Handle a Crisis


As we continue to move forward during these challenging times, Security is of paramount importance for your employees, customers and clients. Whether you operate a healthcare facility, retail store, or business organization a temporary security guard can assist with situations when circumstances require security assistance to enforce CDC Guideline for social distancing. We understand the challenge of preparing your business to abide by the New York State guidelines and we are here to help you setup a social distancing and enforcement plan. 

As you prepare to open your business and welcome back your customers, our highly trained staff will enforce the current and new CDC guidelines, allowing you to focus on your business and customers while knowing health and safety protocols are being implemented and enforced. We know the value of your customers, and seeing a trained security guard enforcing all health and safety guidelines will provide them peace of mind to keep them coming back during these uncertain times. 

Our Services include:

  1. Temperature Checks- taking the temperature of all staff / customers entering your property using Infrared Thermometers following the CDC temperature threshold of 100.4 degrees. This temperature or above would prevent the staff member or customer from entering the property.
  2. Asking Simple Questions / Reminders- asking the staff member or customer simple questions regarding how they are feeling, have they been sick or have they had a fever in the last few days. Reminding people to use supplied hand sanitizer units.
  3. Face Masks / Face Coverings- enforce and provide face masks / face coverings to employees and customers entering the property.
  4. Enforcing Social Distancing- through the use of signage, markings and verbal directions, remind and enforce distancing among staff and customers.
  5. Access Control- enforcing the new temporary occupancy limits of the property to prevent overcrowding or a lapse in social distancing.

Please call us at 845-642-8908 if you have any questions and for further information and resources on the Coronavirus pandemic please visit